Garage212 is a full service photo and motion production company based in Istanbul, Turkey where each commercial and editorial project is custom handled and tailored to your needs. As an experienced company, we provide first class production and creative counselling regardless of the size of the project. We make sure to ensure a smooth production from start to finish. While we take care of all the details, we keep a keen eye on the photographer's vision and the concept's core idea. We are always able to put our crews together quickly and work as a perfect team. Our long-lasting relationships with a network of clients and suppliers is the result of our
efficient, honest and enthusiastic support for our work.

Our services are;

Art Direction, Concept Creation & Management
Budget Management
Rate Negotiation
Location Scouting/Permits/Location Management
Photographer Options
Stylist/Hair Stylist/Make-Up Artist Options
Model (Direct&In; Town Booking)/Celebrity/Kids Casting
Set Design/Costume Design/Props & Accesories Hire
Photo/Film Equipment & Studio Rental
Behind-the-Scenes Filming
Post-Production & Retouch Services (Stills & Film)
Travel, Hotel Reservations & Airport Transfers
Vehicle Hire (Production & Props)
Catering Services
Production Management
On-Set Coordination